भाभी के साथ एक समझौता

Hello friends, my name is Vicky. I am 21 years old, I am a resident of Bilaspur, my height is 5 feet 9 inches and the size of the cocks is 7 inches. I am the youngest of my 5 siblings, so everybody affectionately calls me Chhotu. Sister-in-law Sunayna is 24 years old. She is my elder brother’s wife and her boobs are 34, waist 24 and hip 36 size, she is very beautiful, she is quite open to me. My elder brother Narendra serves in Dubai, he is 28 years old and lives a few nerves. I have three sisters and all three are married, but one of them is a widow, who lives here and finishes her studies. Has been

His name is Ravinder. We are from a normal family, my parents and 5 siblings, my father was in a government office and had retired and lived at home and has gone on a char dham yatra. Now at home I have a sister-in-law and Ravinder. Ravinder often stays in college. My sister-in-law has been married for 3 years and has the grief of not being a mother, so one of the two of us understands that until she is pregnant, I can have sex with her.

My brother was still here, he has gone back to Dubai just 5 days ago and he has left the field open for me. Now after Ravinder’s going to college, I often seduce and fuck her. Then something like this happened. bhabhi ke saath ek samjhota

Then one day Bhaiya and sister-in-law were in a very mood and were talking among themselves. Now I was sitting the same, so sister-in-law said that if you go to Dubai, I don’t feel like, what should I do in the statements? So brother said that oh this is shorty to set your mind, it has all right with you, it can do anything. Antarvasna Story

Then sister-in-law said that all is well. Then brother said that the householder is better than the outsiders. Then when Bhaiya left, Ravinder was in college one day and Mother Dad went on a journey. Then I told sister-in-law that today I am feeling very keen to see a picture with you. So sister-in-law said which one to see?

I said that I saw the desire and then we both went to see the picture. There were many kiss scenes in that film, so I felt like kissing her sister-in-law, but I could not dare. Now, by the end of the picture, it had become so hot that I pressed her nipple. The sister-in-law was shocked and said that she wanted to see the picture. Then I said yes sister-in-law and then such laughter continued to be fun and when the film was over, we came home. Then it was time for Ravinder to come, so both of us became silent. bhabhi ke saath ek samjhota

Then on the second day in the morning Ravinder had to go somewhere and then she got ready and went, so on the pleasant occasion of the morning I kissed her sister from behind, but she did not get angry with my kiss and said that look Chhotu come now we are you Compromise, you can fuck me whenever you want, but I want to be pregnant in these 21 days. Then I filled yes and this is how our sex journey started.

Then both of us came into the room after taking a shower and I started kissing her sister and while doing that I put one hand in her blouse and started pressing her boobs and slowly started to unbutton the button of her blouse. Now as the blouse button opened, the face of her sister was shining.

Then I took off his full blouse and also opened the hook of his bra. Now sister-in-law was standing in front of me with her boob of 34 sizes and was looking at me laughing and saying, where did Chhotu learn all this? So I smiled and said that seeing all of you guys doing it, I guessed it and learned it. Then I started sucking her nipples and she used to ah oops, ah oops. Now my hand was on his petticoat and then I opened his pulse, then his petticoat fell down as soon as his pulse opened.

Now sister-in-law was completely naked, now it was her turn, so she took off my T-shirt and started kissing my body. Now I was feeling a lot better than his body and I was getting into it. Now she was opening my paint chain after taking off my T-shirt and grabbing my cock and started straightening it. Then slowly my cock started looking at the sky, then he started enabling my cock in a while. bhabhi ke saath ek samjhota

Now I was pressing her nipples with my hands and she was sucking my cock. Then sucked my cock – a little semen came out while sucking, which he licked. Now I was able to make her pussy and slowly started increasing her speed and putting her tongue in and out. Now the sister-in-law was getting blissful and was slowly making sounds that she should do it, she is enjoying it. Now we had been enjoying this joy for almost 1 hour and now there was no shortage from both of us.

Now sometimes she would hug me tightly, sometimes she would hug her. Now it had taken us a long time to kiss, lick and kiss each other, so sister-in-law said that now do not stop short, Ravinder will come. Then both of us went to bed and I laid the sister-in-law directly on the bed. Now I was starting to caress her places. Now sister-in-law was getting blissful and then she spread both her legs. Now I was able to see her pussy clearly and my cock was also in bad condition.

Then I took the name of Ram and put my cock on her sister’s pussy and then gave a push, so Ram Ji supported me and put half my cock inside her pussy. Now after 1-2 bumps, all my cocks had gone inside, then sister-in-law shouted loudly, so I closed her mouth and kept pushing her. Now he kisses my body, then I kisses his nipple and while doing it like this, I put all my cocks in my sister’s pussy. Now she was completely stuck with me. Then in the same way, we both stayed for about half an hour. Then it was time for Ravinder to come, so we both separated by kissing each other.

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